Private Belize Excursion

Zip Line Adventure

With this tour, adventurers fly high above the broadleaf rain forest. The tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 80 feet above the forest floor. It features an intricate harness system of pulleys on horizontal traverse cables, which lets you “zip” 300 feet between tree top platforms.             

      Upon arrival, visitors are given a safety briefing and are outfitted with safety gear that includes a body harness, pulleys, helmet and gloves.

From there, visitors take a brief 15-minute hike through the rainforest to the starting platform.

The tour takes guests over 8 platforms This Zip line tours allows you an exhilarating opportunity to “fly” through the air, just like the birds you’ll see all around!!

This Tour include Transportation ,  entrance fees and water