Ambergris caye

San Pedro

San Pedro is a bustling town on the southern portion of Ambergris Caye and is one of the central hubs for beach-style tourism and recreation in Belize. What started off as a small settlement of fisherfolk known as ‘San Pedranos’now serves as an exciting Caribbean getaway for many tourists from all over the world. The island is less than a mile away from our Barrier Reef, and very close to Mexico at its northernmost point. San Pedro is an ideal destination to enjoy diving, fishing, and snorkeling adventures as well as to emerge yourself in the various cultures of Belize. Conveniently, San Pedro is only an hour and a half away from mainland Belize City by boat or about twenty minutes via air travel. Many inland tours to Maya Temples, the Belize Zoo, cave tubing, and zip-lining are offered from San Pedro, and there are various diving tours for both daytime and night-time explorers. Although the island is rooted in the Mestizo culture, many Belizeans frequent the island year-round which creates a beautiful blend of ethnicities at any given time. Restaurants, bars, and night clubs surround the central park on the main road and offer endless opportunities to enjoy Belizean cuisine and entertainment. Annual festivals and events such as the Lobster Fest in June and the Costa Maya Festival in August tend to attract major attention internationally. The peak of San Pedro’s activity however is during the Easter and summer vacations.
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