Xunantunich and In land Blue Hole from Placencia

come and explore the wonders of an mayan ruin, followed by ah visit to the inland blue whole where its like a beach in ah tropical environment!!!…
from $160
⌚ 6 Hours

Xunantunich and Horseback Riding from Placencia

A fun and educational exploration trip with horse back riding!!!…
from $170
⌚ 6 Hours

Xunantunich Maya Ruin from Placencia

Come out and explore this great mayan temple and all other surrounding structures!!!…
from $130
⌚ 6 Hours

Xunantunich Cave tubing and Belize Zoo from Placencia

This is a fun and adventurous combo where by you can explore and gain knowledge about history at the same time!!!…
from $240
⌚ 10 Hours

Xunantunich Maya Ruin and Cave tubing from Placencia

A fun day of exploration with a trilling cave tubing ride!!!…
from $250
⌚ 7 Hours

Private Tour :Xunantunich Cave tubing and Ziplining

An amazing day of fun n trilling activities!!!…
from $225
⌚ 8 Hours

Nim Li Punit and the Living Maya Experience from Placencia

A day of exploration of an mayan temple followed by an educational visit to the mayan people an see how they live!!!…
from $125
⌚ 6 Hours

A.T.M Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal) from Placencia

Come explore and experience one of the most sacred cave system in the world!!!…
from $270
⌚ 9 Hours

Cave tubing and Ziplining from Placencia

Enjoy a day filled with adventurous activities!!!…
from $175
⌚ 9 Hours

Destination Information

Placencia is a charming, low-key fishing village located at the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula.
It is home to the longest stretch of beach in mainland Belize and the only sun-bleached sand crystal
destination in the country that can be accessed by land, air, and sea. The beach is “bare feet perfect”
and the congruous mix of humid sea air, crashing waves and gritty sand is sure to satisfy your
“vitamin-sea” needs.

Whether you’re coming for family vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon getaway.  The foot
traffic pathways and the main street sidewalk community is stress therapy and sun-kissed adventures
waiting to be written.  Accommodations plentiful from luxury resorts to Airbnb rentals to suit every
budget, along with several bars and restaurants will get your olfactory receptors going.  Placencia has
a decent mix of travelers and locals and serves as the gateway to the southern reef, and a magnet for
maritime activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and sailing. Once can easily
bike between the three villages: Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia Village that makes up the

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