ACTUN Tunichil Muknal Cave (aka ATM Cave) is located near San Ignacio, Cayo. There is something that everyone thinks is cool about it at first glance: skeletons, caves, and the general feeling of Indiana Jones when looking for artifacts.

As soon as you remember that there are skeletons in the ground, you understand why it's such a controversy and why the Maya don't like tourists visiting. A cave is considered sacred in Maya mythology since it is viewed as the entrance to the underworld: Xibalba.

In May 2012, a tourist dropped his camera in the cave and fractured an ancient skull. The issue of evaluating tourists coming to the cave is severe and has implications beyond offending the locals.

They say they will fix it, but there is a consequence for everyone due to this mistake: visitors can no longer take pictures or videos in the cave. Exceptions can be made, but Belize's National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) must grant permission in advance.

The following incident may result in additional restrictions, so I suggest you get out while you can. Belize's ATM Cave awaits you.