San Ignacio Town

San Ignacio Town

The list of things to do in San Ignacio Belize is almost endless. It’s located in Western Belize in the Cayo District, which is known as an adventure haven. An adventure haven. Thousands of tourists visit Belize City upon their arrival, despite its rustic lifestyle.


San Ignacio is about two hours from Belize City via highway and is best known for its stunning mountain ranges and clear flowing rivers. Apart from hosting some of Belize’s most exotic resorts, San Ignacio also boasts the Cahal Pech Maya ruin, the Macal River, and the Hawksworth Bridge, connecting it to its twin town, Santa Elena.


Attractions in the town include Barton Creeks’ Cave and ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave), both world-renowned. And if all these attractions aren’t incentive enough, the town is also home to the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve,

1,000 Falls and Big Rock Waterfalls are other attractions found within the area.



The beauty of the town also lies in the rustic lifestyle of its people. Market day in San Ignacio always features local vendors and farmers setting up their stalls to display hand-made furniture, homegrown produce, and hand-woven clothes and accessories. The small town located in Belize’s largest district truly has something for any and every voyager.

San Ignacio Town

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