Belize City


 Belize City is a lively blend of history and culture mixed into a thriving urban society. Our eastern coastline greets the Caribbean Sea, which creates endless opportunities for tourism in the City. In addition, cruise ships dock at two marine terminals in  City and on the islands.

The City of Belize was once the proud capital of the country before the capital was moved inland to Belmopan. Belize City remains the commercial capital due to its thriving tourism industry and investment opportunities for international investors.


Belize City has the three most prominent hotels and conference rooms in the country. In addition, many nature trails, Maya temples, cave tubing at the ATM cave, and Belize Zoo are popular attractions. San Pedro and Caye Caulker are popular day-trip destinations from which travelers depart for Belize City at night.


With about 70,000, Belize City is home to the country’s largest hospitals and schools; Historical Buildings should be the oldest Anglican cathedral, Belize Swing Bridge, and financial institutions. We are also the central hub for many annual concerts hosted by international artists across the Caribbean and the Americas.


The height of our visits occurs during the Spring and Summer when Belize experiences its best weather patterns. In addition, several festive festivities occur during Easter vacation and lead to the September Celebrations, when Belize celebrates its independence.

Belize City

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