Cave tubing and Zipl ine from San Pedro

Cave tubing and Ziplining from San Pedro


6 Hours

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Escorted tour

Group Size

15 persons


Ambergris Caye


Jungle Adventures in Belize: Cave Tubing and Zipline  Combo Tour from San Pedro

Embarking on Your Belizean Adventure

Get ready for a day of adrenaline and exploration in the heart of Belize. Starting from San Pedro, this combo tour offers a blend of exhilarating zip lining and immersive cave tubing, bringing you closer to the rich history, vibrant flora and fauna, and thrilling excitement of this magnificent country.

The Journey from San Pedro to Belize City

Your journey begins with a scenic water taxi ride from the charming island of Ambergris Caye in San Pedro to the bustling Belize City. From there, we will transfer to the lush jungles of western Belize, the backdrop for your exciting adventures ahead.

Zip Line Adventure at Jaguar Paw

First up, you will experience the thrill of a jungle zip line adventure at Jaguar Paw. Our expert Belizean tour guides will ensure you're safely strapped in before you take flight, zip lining in the rainforest canopy. As you zip through the air, enjoy the panoramic views of the Belize River and surrounding jungles. This zipline experience is one of Belize's best adventure offerings, promising excitement and unforgettable memories.

Cave Tubing at Caves Branch River

Following your exhilarating zip line excursion, it's time to embark on your cave tubing adventure. You'll move to the Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve. Home to an impressive cave system that the ancient Maya revered as Xibalba, the underworld.

Upon arrival, our guides will equip you with an inner tube, ready to take you on an incredible tour tubing Belize's underworld. You'll find a mini waterfall and swimming area at the cave entrance, inviting you into the heart of the cave system.

You are floating gently on the Caves Branch River within the caves. You'll witness stalagmites and stalactites decorating the cave’s interior. As you journey through wet and dry caves, your guides will share fascinating details about the ancient Mayan significance of these caverns, bringing history to life.

Return to San Pedro

As your day of adventure concludes, we'll transport you back to Belize City, followed by a water taxi back to San Pedro. This last leg of the journey allows you to reflect on the day's experiences, gazing upon Ambergris Caye's scenic beauty.

Booking Your Adventure

To book this combo tour, a minimum of two people is required. Rest assured, all safety equipment for ziplining and cave tubing is included. We look forward to guiding you on this unforgettable tour in Belize, combining cave tubing and zip lining from San Pedro for a perfect blend of history, adrenaline, and natural beauty.



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