Full Day at Tikal Mayan Ruin Tour from San Ignacio

Full Day at Tikal Mayan Ruin Tour from San Ignacio


4 Hours

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Escorted tour

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15 persons


Belize City


Day full trip to Tikal from Belize Visit Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour the Mayan ruins of Tikal with a professional and informative Tour guide Learn about the Mayans who built one of the largest archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian world What You Can Expect to Explore Tikal on a day trip from Belize!Tikal Go souvenirs you can see the best scale model of Tikal and a replica of the tomb found in temple 1 of the most important ruler of the city Jasaw Chan Kahuil. Once inside the park, let your imagination run free as you explore highlights among more than 3,000 structures that archaeologists have excavated so far. Climb the wooden steps of temple 2 and admire the astonishing view of the main square facing temple 1 Grand Jaguar Temple the simple of Guatemala, built to honor Jasaw Chan Kahuil more easily know as Lord Chocolate for the number of beans of cacao they found in the tomb.


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Nature & Adventure


Selva Tropical 100 Flores, Departamento de El Petén, Tikal National Park 17013 Guatemala, 1 minute
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