Altun Ha and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City

Altun Ha and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City


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Mayan Ruins

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Belize City




An Overview of the Altun Ha Mayan Ruin ANCIENT MAYAN CITY

At Altun Ha Mayan Ruins (Rockstone Water), significant archaeological remains from the Classic Period (200-900 A.D.). Altun Ha connected the Highlands and other interior sites close to the Caribbean Sea with the sea routes that traded up the Yucatán Peninsula. The most important jade artifacts from the Maya area and other exotic and were found here. The site is surrounded by approximately five square miles (or eight square kilometers), with a small core area that is partially restored and open to the public.

In addition, there is a large reservoir constructed by the Maya and lined with a clay bottom to hold water. The archaeological park contains many flora and fauna typical of lowland tropical forests. A one-hour drive separates the site from Belize City. First, turn towards Orange Walk on the Northern Highway. Then, after passing Sand Hill, turn right onto the Old Northern Highway and Rockstone Pond Road.

. An overview of the Baboon SANCTUARY wildlife in Belize

Experience the howler monkey in its natural environment.

The trip will take you to the Belize Low Pine Ridge Land and the nearby nature reserve in Burrel Boom.

A 40-minute drive from Belize City, the landscape changes quickly from the city's outskirts to the Belize River and Rainforest. 

Orientation begins with a visit to the quaint museum on site.

A nature walk into the Rainforest and the World of the Black Howler Monkeys follows.

A 10-minute walk can reach the Howler Monkey Habitat through the Rainforest.

Nature will surround you with howler monkeys and lush rainforests.

It is the natural habitat of the Howler Monkeys. Monkeys are found in many families throughout the Rainforest, presenting a thrilling and enlightening experience.

Your dedicated Tour Guide discusses medicinal plants during the short search for Howler Monkeys. Along the way, lush vegetation is found, and many plants are found that is a monkey's favorite food.

The monkeys will come down from the canopy to receive their favorite treat as you pick the plant's leaves. Be sure to listen to your guide carefully.

Due to their fragile ecosystem, the 20 sq mile rainforest sanctuary is home to more than 4,000 Black Howler Monkeys.

Dedicated to protecting Black Howler Monkeys, 

As a relatively young country, Belize was first settled for logging. However, due to the prominent families of Baboons living in the area. Bermudian Landing was discovered and preserved upon the discovery of the Country.

Over 200 landowners in the area have committed to conserving the Howler Monkey habitat. Because of this, Belize is home to some of the most pristine rainforests in the world.

The Belize Government further protected the Community Baboon Sanctuary as a National park in 1984.


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Altun Ha and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City
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