Private Tour Altun Ha Cave tubing and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City

Private Tour Altun Ha Cave tubing and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City - View on map
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  • 8 Hours
  • Max People : 15
  • Pickup: 15 minutes before departure

Private Tours Altun Ha, Cave Tubing, and Baboon Sanctuary



This combo tour will depart from Belize City in air-conditioned comfort towards the “Old Northern Road” for 50 minutes. Belizean school children frequent Belize City's nearest Maya temple because it is the nearest Maya temple to the city. This beautiful Maya Temple, meaning “Rock stone Water,” has wide-open spaces. 

After visiting an ancient Maya site, you'll drive for 90 minutes to Cave Tubing. You'll receive a basic orientation and safety briefing at the outpost before setting out on a 30-minute hike that involves wading through knee-deep water streams. 

The hike is mostly flat terrain, so don't be concerned; it's both enjoyable and informative. The rainforest canopy shades it, and our tour guides will point out flora and fauna noteworthy to the area.

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins


The Altun Ha Mayan Ruins are located in northern Belize, about 30 miles from the Belize city of Chetumal. The site was first settled around 250 AD and reached its peak between 600 and 900 AD. The ruins cover an area of about 10 square miles and include several temples, plazas, and residential buildings. Archaeologists believe the site was inhabited by as many as 20,000 people at its peak. Today, the ruins are a popular tourist destination and offer visitors a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Maya.

Jaguar Paw cave tubing and Jungle Hike


Jaguar Paw cave tubing is an ecotourism activity in which tourists float down a river through a system of caves. It is located in the Belizean rainforest and is one of the country's most popular tourist attractions. The cave system comprises several large chambers connected by narrow passages, and the journey takes about two hours.

Once at the entrance of the cave system, the space is created., it’s time for your Belize cave tubing adventure through the ancient Maya underworld. Its spectacular crystalline formations line the cave with a majestic rise and fall of stalagmites and stalactites that add to the serene richness and grandiose of Xibalba.

 We provide cave tubing tours that include a mini waterfall and swimming area if you're looking for a challenge. Following the falls, you drift downstream with the gentle current, passing wildlife and birds, before returning to the point where you started.

 The Community Baboon Sanctuary

After boarding your transport, it’s then on to the tiny village of Bermudian Landing to visit The Community Baboon Sanctuary. 

The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) is a cooperative project between the people of Belize and conservationists to protect and preserve the habitat of the black howler monkey. This Monkey is found only in Central and South America and is considered an endangered species. The CBS was founded in 1985 in response to logging and agriculture's destruction of the howler's natural habitat. The Community Baboon Sanctuary covers over 55,000 acres of forest and provides a haven for these beautiful animals. Your guide will show you the monkeys up close as they scamper across rope suspension bridges throughout the village. You won’t miss the howl of this small monkey that sounds like it’s coming from


There are many primates and birds in the sanctuary. This is truly an amazing place that will forever call you back, so keep the Belize vacation company in mind for your next trip.




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The policy on face masks and attendee health during Private Tour Altun Ha Cave tubing and Baboon sanctuary from Belize City is that all attendees must wear a face mask. Attendees will also be required to undergo a health check before entry.



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