Altun Ha and Baboon Sanctuary Excursion

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Shore Excursions

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25 persons


Belize City


We invite you to join us on a spectacular double Belize excursion. This excursion includes a stop at the Belize Baboon Sanctuary and a visit to the magnificent Maya Temples at Altun Ha.

At the Port of Belize City, where you board the van to proceed to the Belize Baboon Sanctuary, the Belize Baboon Sanctuary & Altun Ha Excursion begins.

During this limited group excursion, we will take you to the Belize Low Pine Ridge Land, then to the town of Burrel Boom, where the nature reserve is located.

During the 40-minute drive from the Port of Belize City, we will pass through the outskirts of Belize City, changing quickly to the Belize River and rainforest land. After the tour, we will conduct a driving tour of Belize City.

In addition to visiting the quaint museum on site, participants will take an interpretive nature walk into the rainforest and visit the World of the Black Howler Monkeys.

You will find yourself in nature, surrounded by Howler Monkeys and pristine rainforest after a 10-minute stroll through the rainforest.

It is thrilling and educational to search for many monkey families in the rainforest, where the Howler Monkeys live in their natural habitat.

During the short search for Howler Monkeys, your tour guide will show you medicinal plants along the way. Due to the lush vegetation, many plants are found along the way, which are the monkeys' favorite foods.

If you pick the right plant leaves, the monkeys will come down from the canopy to collect their favorite treat.

There are over 4,000 Black Howler Monkeys in this 20-square-mile rainforest sanctuary, which is protected because of its fragile ecosystem.

His life has been dedicated to protecting the largest Howler Monkey in the world, the Black Howler Monkey.

We continue our tour to the beautiful Maya Temples of Altun Ha after your visit to the Belize Baboon Sanctuary.

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins are a stunning example of Mayan architecture from over 2000 years ago.

Founded around 900 BC, Altun Ha is one of the most famous Mayan centers. Though small, the Mayan Center played an instrumental role in trading for the Maya Civilization.

Originally hidden in the jungle, Belize's Mayan Temples have been restored to their original splendor. The spirit of the Maya is ever-present at these spectacular sites.

A short drive from the Belize City Port, Altun Ha is a magnificent ancient city with beautiful temples and manicured grounds that are great for the whole family.

You will not find steep hills or sudden drops, but rather smooth, manicured grass and paths. You can admire the structures and climb some of the most majestic Mayan temples in Central America.

There are exemplary Mayan Ruins in Belize, which were once ancient cities, towns, religious temples, and important trading posts.


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