Altun ha and Belize Baboon Sanctuary Excursion

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Altun ha and Belize Baboon Sanctuary Excursion


Upon departure from the cruise Port of Belize City, you will board your van for the drive to the Belize COMMUNITY BABOON SANCTUARY & Altun ha Shore Excursion.
We will take you to Belize Low Pine Ridge Land, then to Bermudian Landing, where the nature reserve is located.
During the 40-minute drive from the cruise port of Belize City, the outskirts of Belize City are quickly changed to the Belize River and rainforest. Following the tour, there will be a driving tour of Belize City.

A quaint museum on-site serves as the starting point for the orientation. There will then be an interpretive nature walk into the rainforest and a Black Howler Monkey Sanctuary Tour  World trip.

The Howler Monkey Habitat is a 10-minute walk through the rainforest. With Howler Monkeys and pristine rain forests surrounding you, you will feel like you are in the middle of nature.

In their natural habitat, the Howler Monkeys can be seen. However, finding monkey families in the rainforest is exciting and educational.

During the short search for Howler Monkeys, your dedicated Tour Guide presents a showcase of medicinal plants. In addition, plants that are the Monkey's favorite food are found along the way due to the lush vegetation.

The plant leaves you to pick will make the monkeys descend from the canopy to receive their favorite treat if you listen carefully to your Guide.

More than 4,000 Black Howler Monkeys live in the 20 sq miles of rainforest sanctuary, protected due to its fragile ecosystem.

Black Howler Monkeys are the largest howler monkeys in the world, and area beneficiary Conway has dedicated his life to protecting them.

Altun ha Ancient Mayan Ruins

The Maya Temples of Altun Ha follow your visit to the Belize Baboon Sanctuary.

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins in Belize are a beautiful example of Mayan architectural accomplishments from over 2000 years ago.

Founded around 900 BC, Altun Ha is one of the most famous Mayan city (a jade head was found here). At the time, the Mayan Trading Center was one of the smallest in Belize, but it was extremely important to the Mayan Civilization.

There has been a restoration of the building. Previously buried in thick jungle, the Mayan Temples of Belize have been restored to their former glory. When visiting these spectacular sites, one cannot help but feel the ever-present Mayan Spirit.



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