Private Tour Altun ha and Belize Zoo From Belize City


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Mayan Ruins

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Belize City


Begin your tour of Belize City. A place where beautiful landmarks and old colonial buildings mixed with the modern give the "Old Belize" capital an enchanting Caribbean charm. Belize City is the historical and cultural epicenter of the country, bridging the past and present of Belize's rich history.


During your Belize City tour, your tour guide will navigate the bustling city streets. Pointing out significant landmarks such as St. John's Cathedral and the Belizean House of Culture. It is here, within the hustle and bustle of the city, that it becomes apparent

.that Belizeans have a solid connection to their roots and a deep appreciation for their vibrant culture?


Heading to Altun Ha


Leaving the city, we move towards the ancient city of Altun Ha, a crucial site in Mayan civilization. Explore the ancient Maya civilization by taking a tour of Altun Ha. Walk in their footsteps and learn about their history. A journey through time that will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.


Altun Ha is a Mayan word that translates to "Rockstone Pond." It was an important ceremonial site and a central trading hub for the ancient Mayan civilization. These ancient Mayan ruins are home to some of the most significant Mayan temples in the region, including the Temple of the Sun God, one of Belize's national treasures.


The Altun Ha Mayan Ruins Experience


As you stroll through the Altun Ha Mayan ruins, it's like flipping through the pages of a history book. Your guided tour offers insights into the meaning behind the buildings and the civilization that built them. The tour includes climbing to the top of the Temple of the Masonry Altars, the most famous structure in Altun Ha. The view of the surrounding rainforest and the plaza below is breathtaking.


One of the most exciting discoveries at Altun Ha is the Jade Head, representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau. This exquisite piece of jade is the largest ever found in the Maya civilization. The Jade Head is considered one of Belize's: most precious artifacts and a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the ancient Maya.


Ensure your camera is ready before leaving Altun Ha to capture the stunning views of the surrounding countryside, rainforest, and ancient structures.


Journey to the Belize Zoo


Following the excursion to Altun Ha, we move into a different aspect of Belize's environment - the wildlife. The next stop is the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. The zoo, often affectionately called the 'little zoo,' sits on 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 175 animals, all native to Belize.


Exploring the Belize Zoo


The Belize Zoo provides a unique experience, unlike most zoos. All the animals are in their natural habitat, making it feel more like a wildlife reserve than a traditional zoo. The zoo is home to more than 45 species, all native creatures to Belize, including jaguars, tapirs, howler monkeys, and exotic birds like the toucan.


The Jaguar exhibit is a must-see. Here, you can come face-to-face with the majestic and elusive jungle cat. The zoo's mission is about rehabilitation and providing a haven for orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife. Besides the wildlife, there are other things to consider. There is a focus on educational activities and a dedication to Belize's natural resources conservation.


Not only will you see wildlife like the Belizean national animal, the tapir. But you'll also see other creatures native to Belize, like crocodiles, tree frogs, and many birds and reptiles.


Wrapping Up the Adventure


The private tour of Altun Ha and Belize Zoo is an all-encompassing experience, blending the ancient with the present. The wild with the tame, and providing a comprehensive view of Belize's past and present. As we conclude our journey and head back to Belize City, the memories of this unique adventure remain. We are giving you a broader perspective and deeper appreciation for the rich and diverse tapestry that is Belize.


Important Information


An excursion like the Altun Ha and Belize Zoo adventure requires some preparation. Here's a little guide to ensure you have a smooth journey.


Dress Comfortably


Due to the tropical climate and the nature of the activities, comfortable clothing is suggested. As we walk around the Mayan ruins and the zoo, comfortable shoes are necessary.


Protect Yourself from the Sun and Insects


Remember your sunglass, cap, or hat, and consider sunblock a must. Belize is near the equator, and the sun can get intense, especially at midday. Likewise, you'll be spending a fair amount of time outdoors. Especially in the rainforest and wildlife areas, insect repellent is recommended.


Tickets and Bookings


Ensure to book your tickets in advance. The price varies depending on the group size and the season. Cruise ship passengers are usually picked up from the terminal in Belize City. Detailed information about the itinerary and location of pick-up points can be found on the Tours Belize website.


Wrap Up


The Private Tour of Altun Ha and Belize Zoo from Belize City. It is a rich and immersive experience that marries. Discover the fascinating history of the ancient Mayan civilization paired with the stunning natural beauty of Belize. It's a journey that enlightens, excites, and leaves you with a deeper appreciation for the history, wildlife, and people. That makes Belize the unique Caribbean gem that it is.


Experience the ancient temples, listen to the howler monkeys in the trees, gaze upon the Jade Head, and watch a jaguar laze in the afternoon sun. This tour is not just an activity but an opportunity to step into the world of the Maya. Experience the untouched wilderness of Belize and immerse yourself in its natural Caribbean charm.


From the stunning architecture of the past to the wild inhabitants of the present, this tour encapsulates the essence of Belize. Get started on your Belize adventure today. This Belizean experience is waiting for you, ready to open your eyes to the wonders of the ancient and the wild!



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