Actun Tunichil Muknal Belize Atm cave tours from Belize City 

Actun Tunichil Muknal Belize Atm cave tours from Belize City 

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave)From Belize City - View on map
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  • 8 Hours
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Atm cave tours from Belize City 



Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Stone Sepulchre) dubbed by National Geography as the top sacred cave to explore in the world, should be on your bucket list! Your journey starts …… in air-conditioned comfort until you arrive at the ranger outpost. Our guides will provide you with a helmet, headlamp, and life jacket if needed. When geared up, it’s time to hike, wade and swim the sacrificial Mayan underworld of the ATM Cave. There are three river crossings and a 30-minute hike, which will bring you to an hourglass entrance. From here, the cave system spans approximately 3 miles with stalactites, stalagmites, jarring boulders, and freshwater streams from ankle to waist-deep.

After an hour of spelunking, you’ll arrive at the ceremonial area and squeeze through an orifice that opens into a large football field cavern. Here you’ll remove your shoes. Walking bare feet deeper into the underground surrender will unearth untainted ancient Mayan history dating back 1-1000 AD. Pottery, ranging from intact to completely shattered; tools, ceremonial items, and the skeletal remains of 14 bodies on display, from finger bones to skulls, among other skeletal remains, fused to the bare ground within a few feet steps.

Note: You don't have to be extremely fit, but you should be able to hike, swim and climb easily. Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and shoes, or bring a pair of closed-toe water shoes. Sneakers can get heavy during the hike after getting wet. It’s good to have a pair of socks with you for the portion of the tour that is done bare feet as alluded to above.


Keep your socks dry by placing them on the inside of your helmet. All personal items must be left in the tour van at the parking lot: extra dry clothes for after the tour, a small towel, tip money for the tour guides, and cameras. A few years ago, tourists dropped cameras on one of the Mayan skulls and broke it. Due to this incident, cameras or cell phones are banned from the cave.


A small bottle of water or Gatorade and a light snack like a granola bar to grub on before entering the cave. We provide lunch and a drink; however, if you think you’ll need it, a little extra water and grub would go a long way.




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The ATM Cave is located in Belize, near the town of San Ignacio. The cave is well known for its large chambers and passageways and many stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is also home to several Maya artifacts, including pottery and sculptures.

In addition to your bathing suit, you'll need to wear clothing. ATM cave was considered sacred by the Mayans. The same respect is still shown today, so you must wear clothing over your bathing suit out of respect and go shoeless when traversing the fragile burial sites. The same respect is given today, so you must wear clothes over your bathing suit to show respect and go without shoes when walking on the delicate burial sites. Inside the cave, cameras are strictly prohibited. Cameras are also no longer allowed. One of the skulls was damaged after a tourist dropped his camera on it. Because of this bone-headed (pardon the pun) move, cameras are now banned from all ATM cave tours. While I initially thought that I was bummed I wouldn't be able to photograph it for myself, I have to say, I'm happy about the camera ban.

Getting wet and hiking for a while is part of the experience. What should you wear? Wearing wet clothes for hours can cause chafing! Shoes A water shoe with a good grip is ideal. Keen makes a perfect shoe for this purpose. Don't wear sandals or flip-flops – they don't have enough grip and won't protect your toes. There are rocks inside the cave, and it is easy to stub your toe if you don't wear closed-toe shoes. One of our fellow guests wore Sketchers sneakers that did not provide enough traction, causing him to slide several times. Wear appropriate footwear! Clothing Since you will get wet, you should wear clothing that you don't mind getting wet. It is possible to get dirty if you brush up against a muddy wall or slip in the mud (in other words, don't wear clothes you don't mind throwing out). Wear loose or very flexible shorts since you'll be climbing up. Jean shorts are a wrong choice! A tank top was the most common top worn by most women, while men mostly wore a t-shirt. Knowing we would be wet, You can wear quick-dry tops. Also, I chose to wear long sleeves because I was scared of bugs (i.e., spiders) crawling on me. You'll need a pair of socks for walking around the pottery and skeletons. Tour companies provide helmets with lights to see where you're going. Sunscreen & Bug Spray Despite some coverage, you won't be walking in the shade for a long time. When you visit on a sunny day, wear waterproof sunscreen (remember those rivers!). Make sure you have bug spray on hand. The mosquitoes will feast on you. Before entering the cave, some guides will let you leave your bug spray and water bottle at the base of a tree (or you can carry them in your wet bag).



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