Lamanai and Scenic Boat ride from Belize City

Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Water Bank, Belize


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Belize City


Lamanai and Scenic Boat Ride Along the New River Lagoon

Embarking on a private Belize adventure in 2023 offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of the ancient Maya civilization at Lamanai and a scenic boat ride along the New River Lagoon. With lush tropical landscapes, majestic trees with overhanging air plants, and colorful orchids, the Belize adventure is the epitome of enchanting beauty.

Preparing for Your Excursion from Belize City to Lamanai

Begin your excursion from Belize City, a vibrant metropolis known for its diverse cultures and historical charm. As you prepare for this journey, ensure you book a guided tour for a comprehensive experience. Consider a tour that combines the historical richness of the Lamanai Mayan site with the natural beauty of a river cruise.

Itinerary: Immersive Journey to Lamanai Mayan Ruins

Your journey begins with a bus ride from Belize City to the Orange Walk district, home to the ancient site of Lamanai. As one of the largest pre-classic structures in the Maya world, Lamanai reveals a fascinating history of Maya rulers and the people of Lamanai.

Upon arrival at the New River Lagoon, take a boat ride up the New River, a major artery for the ancient Maya. Enjoy a scenic boat ride, half the fun of this excursion, as you marvel at the river fauna, including turtles and bats, and the occasional submerged crocodile.

As you approach the Lamanai ruins, prepare to marvel at the majestic temples, a significant highlight of this Belize adventure. From the Jaguar Temple, with its distinct features, to the High Temple, the tallest structure at the Lamanai site, your guide will share engaging stories about Mayan history.

Experiencing Lamanai: A Rich Mayan History

The main focal points of the Lamanai Mayan site are the temples, the ancient ball court, and the remnants of residential areas. Delve into the site’s historical wealth as you witness artifacts such as flints and figurines on display. The opportunity to climb to the top of one of the temples is an exhilarating experience, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

While exploring the Lamanai Mayan ruins, be on the lookout for Belizean wildlife such as howler monkeys and exotic birds. This wonderful opportunity for wildlife spotting adds an exciting dimension to your Belize adventure.

River Cruise: Majestic Scenery along the New River Lagoon

The excursion continues with a riverboat ride along the New River Lagoon. With the scenic boat ride along the river, you'll experience fantastic views of the majestic trees with overhanging air plants and colorful orchids, creating a serene, picturesque ambiance. You'll also have a chance to spot riverboat crocodiles and other fascinating wildlife. This part of the adventure is a wonderful opportunity for wildlife spotting and photography.

Return to Belize City

Concluding your visit to Lamanai, enjoy a speedboat ride back down the New River, completing your round-trip river cruise. You'll then board a bus for a leisurely ride back to Belize City, giving you ample time to reflect on the remarkable insights gained during your excursion in Belize.

 Highlights of the Lamanai and Scenic Boat Ride Tour


-Scenic boat ride along the New River Lagoon, offering exceptional wildlife sightings
-Guided tour of the Lamanai Mayan site, including the High Temple, Mask Temple, and Jaguar Temple.
-Climbing the temples for panoramic views of the surrounding jungle and river.
-Discovering the captivating Mayan history and culture



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Roundtrip transportation from Belize City to Lamanai
Professional, licensed tour guide
Drinking water and snacks
Personal expenses
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What is the cancellation policy for this excursion?
You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Please note that the cancellation policy may differ depending on your booking platform.
Is this tour suitable for pregnant women or guests with neck/back problems?
Due to the nature of the boat ride and the uneven terrain at the Lamanai site, this excursion may

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Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Water Bank, Belize
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